Premarital Information – Foreplay and Lubrication

These are the two most important things for your own enjoyment and comfort when having intercourse.

Foreplay: He may be ready to go immediately but most likely you will not. Women need anywhere from 10-30 minutes of foreplay to be physically ready for intercourse. It may take more or less time for you and may be different every time. While some women can achieve orgasm from penetration alone, most will need some clitoral stimulation. Please see attached diagram if you’re unsure where your clitoris is.

Lubrication: Your body will prepare itself for intercourse by sending more blood flow to your genitals and your vagina will secrete natural lubrication. It’s difficult to have too much lubrication, especially the first few times. It’s a good idea to also apply a water-based lubricant such as Astroglide. If it is not water-based it may become too sticky. Apply liberally to yourself and also to his penis.